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10 Women Leading Climate Tech VC Firms

In an effort to share work by climate tech venture capital firms, Climate Insider wants to highlight women in leadership positions throughout the sector. This article will cover women leading climate tech VC firms. From diverse professional backgrounds, these women are driving climate solutions through their funds. 

  1. Melissa Cheong, Founding Partner at Blackhorn VC

About Melissa Cheong

Melissa Cheong is a Managing Partner at Blackhorn Ventures. Blackhorn invests in entrepreneurs who are improving resource efficiency with science and engineering-based market solutions. With a rich background in finance and investment, Melissa has held key roles in several prominent organisations, including Zoma Capital, Treehouse Investments, Imprint Capital, Plainfield Asset Management, Metzler Bank, and Deutsche Bank. Notably, as a Managing Director at Imprint Capital, she played an important role in managing the firm’s direct investment and private credit platforms, collaborating with various stakeholders to develop customised, mission-aligned social impact investment portfolios. 


  1. Crystal Sacca, Founding Partner at Lowercarbon Capital 

About Crystal Sacca

Crystal Sacca is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning advertising and venture capital. As a Founding Partner at Lowercarbon Capital since January 2017 and a Partner at Lowercase Capital since May 2010, she has played instrumental roles in both firms. Prior to her venture capital endeavors, Crystal honed her creative skills in advertising, contributing to notable campaigns for brands such as Intel, Audi, HBO, Sprint, and Napster. 


  1. Desirée Pettersson, Investor & Head of Impact at Satgana

About Desirée Pettersson

Desirée Pettersson is an experienced sustainability professional with a strong focus on climate tech venture capital investment. Currently serving as a Climate Tech VC Investor and Head of Impact at Satgana since November 2023, she brings a wealth of expertise from her previous roles. Desirée’s journey in the sustainability realm includes roles as a Sustainability Consultant at Coop Sverige and Sölvesborg-Mjällby Sparbank, where she led data collection, managed stakeholder engagement, and facilitated workshops to enhance sustainability strategies. 


  1. Alexandra Morrow, Venture Partner at Clay Capital

About Alexandra Morrow

Currently, Alexandra serves as a Venture Partner at Clay Capital (formerly VisVires New Protein) since May 2023. Alexandra is also a Co-Founder and Member of Rising Tide Collective, a group of European investors committed to fostering a healthier planet. As a Mentor at Rockstar, she supports startups in their journey to growth. With previous experience as a Principal at MMC Ventures, Alexandra developed a climate tech thesis, emphasising digital solutions. Her expertise lies at the intersection of technology and sustainability, making her a significant contributor to impactful investing.


  1. Lindsay Atkeson, Venture Partner at SOSV

About Lindsay Atkeson

Currently pursuing her MBA at Harvard Business School since August 2023, Lindsay simultaneously serves as a Venture Partner at SOSV. Her previous role as an Investment Associate saw her as a founding team member of IndieBio New York, investing in and accelerating early-stage companies. Prior to her venture capital endeavors, Lindsay held roles at JPMorgan Chase & Co., where she gained valuable experience in investment banking, focusing on technology, media, and telecommunications sectors.


  1. Veronique Hördemann, Managing Director & CFO at Future Energy Ventures

About Veronique Hördemann

Veronique Hördemann is a highly accomplished professional in the realm of energy innovation and investment. Currently serving as the Managing Partner and CFO at Future Energy Ventures since October 2020, Veronique plays an important role in shaping the strategic direction of the firm. Her extensive experience includes board observer roles at TechSee and Akselos, where she provides valuable insights and guidance to drive business growth and development. 


  1. Morgan Sheil, Head of Impact at World Fund

About Morgan Sheil

Currently serving as the Head of Impact at World Fund in Berlin, Morgan leads initiatives aimed at driving measurable impact in environmental and social sectors. Prior to his role at World Fund, Morgan played a notable role at Prime Coalition, where he served on the Project Frame Steering Committee, contributing to the development of forward-looking emissions impact methodologies. Notably, Morgan also lent her expertise to KKR & Co. Inc. as the Climate & Decarbonization Lead, leading climate risk assessment and mitigation strategies across various portfolios. 


  1. Radhika Iyer, Managing Director at Energy Impact Partners

About Radhika Iyer

Currently serving as the Managing Director and Head of Marketing at Energy Impact Partners in New York City since July 2022, Radhika leads strategic marketing initiatives for the firm. Prior to her role at Energy Impact Partners, Radhika held senior leadership positions at prominent organisations such as TIME, where she served as Senior Vice President of Brand and Content Marketing, and BlackRock, where she acted as the Global Head of Content Strategy & Media. With extensive experience spanning across various industries, including technology at Pinterest and beauty at L’Oréal as Marketing Director for essie, Radhika brings a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective to her current role.


  1. Cassie Bowe, Partner at Energy Impact Partners

About Cassie Bowe

Cassie Bowe has been serving as a Partner at Energy Impact Partners (EIP) since August 2017. Cassie’s impact extends beyond her role at EIP, as evidenced by her board memberships in several prominent companies driving innovation in the renewable energy and transportation sectors. As a board member of Ion Solar, Zitara Technologies, HopSkipDrive, and FLO EV Charging, Cassie plays a key role in guiding these companies towards their goals of sustainability and technological advancement. 


  1.  Pauliina Meskanen, Venture Partner at Climate Capital 

About Pauliina Meskanen

Currently serving as a Venture Partner at Climate Capital Bio since December 2022. In this role, Pauliina plays a crucial part in identifying and supporting innovative solutions aimed at addressing climate change. Her commitment to driving positive change extends beyond her role at Climate Capital; her experience includes advisory board membership at Übermorgen Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to backing entrepreneurs focused on climate solutions. Pauliina is also a member of the inaugural cohort at Climate Vine, further showcasing her dedication to fostering collaboration and innovation within the climate tech ecosystem.

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