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10 VC Investors Supporting Built Environment to Know in 2024

Venture capitalists play an integral role in supporting “built environment” and sustainable infrastructure startups, driving innovation and development in these critical sectors. By providing the necessary financial backing, VCs enable startups to tackle significant upfront costs associated with research, development, and deployment of advanced technologies. Their investments facilitate the creation of eco-friendly buildings, smart cities, and efficient transportation systems, which are essential for addressing climate change and promoting sustainability. Following are 10 VC investors supporting built environment related startups that you should know about in 2024.

  1. Brendan Wallace, CEO and CIO at Fifth Wall

About Brendan Wallace

Brendan Wallace, CEO and CIO at Fifth Wall, steers the firm’s strategic vision, making it the largest venture capital firm focused on technologies for the global real estate industry, particularly those aimed at decarbonization. Wallace has emphasized that the real estate sector presents the most significant opportunity for mitigating climate change. Since co-founding Fifth Wall in 2016, the firm has amassed $3.2 billion in assets under management and garnered over 110 strategic LPs across 15 countries. Notably, in 2022, Fifth Wall raised $500 million for its inaugural Climate Fund, underscoring its commitment to sustainable built environment solutions. Before Fifth Wall, Wallace co-founded Identified, a workforce optimization data company acquired by Workday, and Cabify, the largest ridesharing service in Latin America.


2. Alok Sindher, Partner at Fifth Wall

About Alok Sindher

Alok Sindher, a partner at Fifth Wall, leads the firm’s infrastructure practice, focusing on investments that enhance the energy efficiency, carbon footprint, and resilience of buildings and cities. With over 20 years of experience in private equity, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate finance, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role at the largest venture capital firm dedicated to technology for the global real estate industry. Prior to Fifth Wall, Alok was a partner at D. E. Shaw Renewable Investments, managing a $2 billion renewable energy asset portfolio, and served as a Vice President at J.P. Morgan, overseeing $15 billion in transactions in the energy sector. He also advises the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy at Stanford’s Doerr School of Sustainability and the Defense Innovation Unit’s Energy Portfolio at the US Department of Defense, where he supports the acceleration of clean energy solutions. Alok holds a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Economics from Stanford University, as well as an MBA from the Wharton School. His career is marked by a commitment to driving innovation and impact in the built environment.


3. Heather Widman, Partner at Building Ventures

About Heather Widman

Heather Widman is a Partner at Building Ventures, where she focuses on investing in and supporting founders who are revolutionizing the built environment through innovative design, construction, operations, and user experience solutions. With a robust background in go-to-market strategy, product positioning, and team growth, Heather plays a pivotal role in nurturing startups that aim to redefine how cities and buildings function sustainably. Her commitment extends beyond venture capital as she serves on the steering committee of All Raise and is actively involved with Work & Mother, Carbon Title, and Elephant Energy, contributing her expertise to organizations dedicated to impactful change in various sectors. Heather’s passion for shaping a more sustainable future for humanity and the planet underscores her strategic leadership and advocacy within the built environment ecosystem.


4. Travis Connors, Co-founder and General Partner at Building Ventures

About Travis Connors

Travis Connors is a prominent figure in advancing innovation within the built environment as the Co-Founder and General Partner at Building Ventures. Since 2018, Travis has been instrumental in funding and mentoring startup entrepreneurs who are pioneering transformative solutions in real estate technology and sustainability. His leadership extends to serving as a Board Member at, where he contributes to enhancing construction safety and efficiency through advanced analytics. Prior to his role at Building Ventures, Travis held positions as a Partner at Borealis Ventures and as EVP of Strategy and Corporate Development at ownerIQ, Inc. His diverse background includes a tenure on the Board of ownerIQ, Inc., spanning nine years. 


5. Jesse Devitte, Co-Founder and General Partner at Building Ventures

About Jesse Devitte

Jesse Devitte has a commendable career in the advancement of innovation within the built environment as the Co-Founder and General Partner at Building Ventures since 2017. His leadership at Building Ventures focuses on investing in companies that revolutionize how we design, construct, operate, and experience built environments. With a vision for partnering with visionary entrepreneurs, Jesse aims to significantly impact the way humans inhabit and interact with their surroundings on a global scale. Prior to Building Ventures, Jesse co-founded Borealis Ventures in 2002, where he continues to play a significant role in fostering early-stage technology startups. His current board roles include serving as an investor and board observer at Aeroseal, a climate tech company dedicated to reducing carbon emissions from buildings through innovative duct and air sealing technologies. Jesse’s involvement with Skillit and Join further underscores his commitment to driving innovation and efficiency across the construction and labor sectors, reflecting his enduring passion for shaping a more sustainable and connected built environment.


6. Gavin Myers, Managing Partner at Prudence 

About Gavin Myers

Gavin Myers is the Managing Partner at Prudence, a prominent early-stage venture firm based in New York City, specializing in technology investments that drive global innovation within the built environment. Since 2009, Gavin has led Prudence in identifying and funding transformative companies across sectors such as real estate, construction, infrastructure, and energy/climate adaptation. His strategic guidance extends beyond financial investment as he serves on the boards of CASAFARI in Lisbon, VendorPM in Toronto, Evernest in Hamburg, and as a board observer for CREXi in Los Angeles. Through these roles, Gavin leverages his expertise to support companies at the forefront of reshaping how buildings and cities are designed, constructed, and maintained globally, reflecting his commitment to advancing sustainable and efficient solutions within the built environment.


7. Jordan Viniar, Partner at Prudence

About Jordan Viniar

Jordan Viniar serves as a Partner at Prudence, an early-stage venture firm based in New York City that focuses on investing in technology companies driving innovation across the built environment. Since joining in February 2020, Jordan has played a key role in identifying and supporting startups that are reshaping industries such as real estate, construction, infrastructure, and energy/climate adaptation. His contributions extend beyond financial backing as he actively serves on the boards of AI Clearing, SALUS, Propexo, and Hemlane, leveraging his expertise to guide these companies in their strategic growth and development. Through his leadership at Prudence and his board roles, Jordan is dedicated to advancing technologies that enhance sustainability, efficiency, and resilience within the built environment, contributing to global efforts towards a more innovative and sustainable future.


8. Virginia Drennen, Principal at Fifth Wall

About Virginia Drennen

Virginia Drennen brings incredible experience in real estate and finance to her role as Principal at Fifth Wall, where she has been instrumental in driving the firm’s initiatives in the built environment since December 2023. Prior to this, she served as Vice President and Associate at Fifth Wall, focusing on identifying and investing in transformative technologies within the real estate sector. Virginia’s journey in real estate began at Blackstone, where she held roles in both their Real Estate and Hedge Fund Solutions divisions, honing her skills in portfolio management, investor services, and data reporting. Her foundational experience also includes internships at Hines in property management and Giattina Aycock Architecture Studio in design, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of both operational and creative aspects of the built environment. Virginia’s diverse background equips her with a unique perspective and expertise to drive innovation and sustainable development in the built environment through strategic investments and partnerships at Fifth Wall.


9. Leonardo Banchik, Investment Director at Voyager Ventures

About Leonardo Banchik

Leonardo Banchik is a seasoned professional in climate tech venture investing, currently serving as Investment Director at Voyager Ventures since November 2023. His career trajectory underscores a deep commitment to advancing sustainable technologies within the built environment. Prior to Voyager Ventures, Leonardo played a pivotal role as Partner at Global Founders Capital, where he led climate and deep tech investments, managing a substantial portfolio aimed at driving innovation across renewable energy and carbon reduction. Before entering venture capital, Leonardo honed his strategic acumen at McKinsey & Company, where he advised on clean and climate tech strategies for investors and worked closely with green startups and industry incumbents on energy transition initiatives. His academic foundation includes a PhD and MS from MIT focused on desalination and renewables, complemented by roles as a scientist at U.S. National Labs and a policy researcher at DOE EERE. Leonardo’s multifaceted background uniquely positions him to catalyze impactful innovations that address pressing environmental challenges in the built environment.


10. Ofer Harduf, Partner at Fifth Wall

About Ofer Harduf

Ofer Harduf has an impressive background in supporting the built environment through his extensive experience in investment banking and venture capital. Currently a Partner at Fifth Wall, he focuses on leveraging technology to innovate and improve the global real estate industry. Before joining Fifth Wall, Ofer spent over nine years at J.P. Morgan, where he served as Executive Director and Co-head of PropTech within the real estate, gaming, and lodging investment banking division.


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