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10 Climate-tech Startups in Agtech to Know in 2024

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10 Climate-tech Startups in Agtech to Know in 2024

The agricultural industry is a significant contributor to the global carbon footprint, responsible for substantial greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation. Agtech startups play a crucial role in mitigating these impacts through climate action. By developing technologies, these startups transform traditional farming practices, enhancing efficiency and sustainability. Through methods like precision farming, vertical agriculture, and advanced soil health monitoring, agtech startups help reduce emissions, optimise resource usage, and promote eco-friendly farming practices. Sustainability within agriculture has been a major focus within the climate tech space in recent years. Here are 10 agtech startups you should know about in 2024:

  1. Oishii

About Oishii:

Oishii is innovating agriculture through the deployment of vertical farming technology. Oishii’s proprietary technology, developed through extensive research in Japan and the United States, allows for year-round production of exceptional produce without the use of pesticides. The company has rapidly expanded its farming facilities and built a team whose expertise spans vertical farming, industrial automation, farm operations, and data analysis.

Headquarter: New Jersey

Notable Developments: Oishii secured $134M to enter new markets and expand vertical farming in March 2024. 

CEO: Hiroki Koga


  1. Bowery Farming

About Bowery Farming:

Located just outside urban areas, Bowery’s farms produce flavorful, pesticide-free, and pollutant-free food while utilising significantly less water and land compared to traditional farming methods. BoweryOS, a proprietary farm operating system that powers a network of smart farms, is Bowery’s core technology. This technology creates a simplified and agile food system focused on delivering fresh and safe produce. 

Headquarter: New York, New York

Notable Developments: The company has garnered substantial support, raising $647 million in equity and debt from prominent investors such as Fidelity, Temasek, Google Ventures, KKR, General Catalyst, GGV Capital, and First Round Capital.

CEO: Irving Fain


  1. 80 Acres Farms

About 80 Acres Farms:

80 Acres Farms is innovating the agricultural industry by creating a unique farming system that redefines food production. 80 Acres Farms aims to maximize efficiency by automating heavy lifting tasks, allowing human workers to concentrate on cultivating nutritious food.

Headquarter: Hamilton, Ohio

Notable Developments: 80 Acres Farms opened a new 200,000 square foot vertical farm in Kentucky in September 2023. This was a $95 million investment intended to help them reach more customers in Kentucky and beyond. 

CEO: Mike Zelkind


  1. Soil Carbon

About Soil Carbon:

Soil Carbon is committed to combating climate change through solutions that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and sequester it in the soil. By converting biological waste into biochar, they lock carbon in a stable form for the long term. This process mitigates carbon emissions and also contributes to the creation of an advanced biofertiliser blend. Their bio fertiliser enhances soil health, leading to improved agricultural practices and a positive environmental impact.

Headquarter: Warsaw, Poland

Co-founders: Mike Sikorski, Tomasz Rachwal


  1. BrightFarms
BrightFarms is a national leader in the booming indoor farming industry, transforming how produce is grown and delivered with its expanding network of high-tech, sustainable hydroponic farms.

About BrightFarms:

BrightFarms aims to grow local produce on a nationwide scale. By financing, building, and operating local greenhouse farms in partnership with supermarkets, cities, capital sources, and vendors, BrightFarms streamlines the food supply chain, reducing time, distance, and costs. 

Headquarter: Irvington, New York

Notable Developments: BrightFarms has raised more than $200 million in funding to date to build a brand of locally grown produce, and has established close partnerships with retailers such as Ahold Delhaize, Kroger and Walmart.

CEO: Steve Platt 


  1. CarbonFarm

About CarbonFarm:

CarbonFarm facilitates investment in sustainable farming practices by ensuring transparency. Utilizing satellite data and advanced artificial intelligence, CarbonFarm provides detailed insights into the methods employed by farmers and the emissions produced, thereby fostering accountability and enabling informed decision-making for carbon investors.

Headquarter: Paris, France

Notable Developments: In June 2024, CarbonFarm announced the launch of ClimateRice in partnership with Cornell University. ClimateRice is a joint initiative to scale the adoption of sustainable and climate-resilient rice production through satellite-verified carbon credits. 

CEO: Vassily Carantino


  1. Cellular Agriculture Ltd

About Cellular Agriculture Ltd:

Cellular Agriculture Ltd, founded in early 2016, is a UK-based startup in the cell-based meat sector. In 2018, the company received funding from InnovateUK to develop a proof-of-concept bioreactor system. This innovative system was publicly showcased at the Nemo Science Museum in Amsterdam during the summer of 2019, marking the world’s first demonstration of an automated cultured meat system. 

Headquarter: Llanelli, United Kingdom

Notable Developments: Cellular Agriculture Ltd is backed by Innovate UK as part of a £15.6 million investment in 32 projects within low-emission food production systems.

CEO: Illtud Llyr Dunsford


  1. Impossible Foods

About Impossible Foods:

Impossible Foods is revolutionising the global food system by developing innovative ways to produce meat, dairy, and fish without the use of animals. Their mission is to create products that are not only delicious but also beneficial for people and the planet. By identifying what people love about traditional animal products and finding plant-based ingredients to replicate those experiences, Impossible Foods has made significant developments in sustainable food technology.

Headquarter: Redwood City, California

Notable Developments: Impossible Foods raised $500 million in a funding round led by Mirae Asset Global Investments in 2021. 

CEO: Peter McGuinness


  1. Sensegrass

About Sensegrass:

Sensegrass specializes in developing soil intelligence systems tailored for efficient nutrients and carbon management in agriculture. They have developed the concept of the Farm OS, offering advanced analytics that provide personalised recommendations and facilitate informed decision-making in farming practices. 

Headquarter: Fremont, California

Notable Developments: Sensegrass was avoided the India Impact Grand Prize of $25,000 USD to produce smart farming solutions for fertiliser management, and a soil intelligence diagnostic system for low income farmers to improve yields. 

CEO: Lalit Gautam


  1. Symbrosia

About Symbrosia:

Symbrosia specialises in commercialising red algae production as a feed additive aimed at significantly reducing methane emissions in livestock, with potential reductions of up to 90%. By leveraging innovative approaches, Symbrosia addresses the environmental impact of livestock farming while promoting sustainable agricultural practices. 

Headquarter: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Notable Developments: Symbrosia was awarded a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to develop automation tools across their seaweed farm in January 2024. 

CEO: Alexia Akbay