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Carbon Equity Secures €60m for New Climate Tech Fund

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Carbon Equity Secures €60m for New Climate Tech Fund

Climate Insider Brief:

  • Carbon Equity, an Amsterdam-based climate tech investment platform, closed its third fund at €60 million within four months, increasing its assets under management by 80% in the past year.
  • By lowering the minimum investment threshold to €100,000, Carbon Equity aims to democratise climate tech investments, allowing more family offices and smaller professional investors to participate.
  • Carbon Equity plans to raise a total of €125 million for its third fund, targeting investments in 150 high-potential companies across Europe and the US, emphasising innovative climate solutions that offer both impact and financial returns.

As reported by Impact Investor, Amsterdam-based Carbon Equity has successfully closed its third climate tech fund, raising €60 million from a diverse group of investors within just four months.

Carbon Equity, a leading investment platform specialising in private market climate investments, has announced the first close of its latest climate tech fund, garnering €60 million from approximately 160 investors. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the Dutch firm, which has seen its assets under management surge by 80% over the past year.

A notable aspect of this fund’s strategy is Carbon Equity’s commitment to inclusivity. By lowering its minimum investment threshold to €100,000, the firm aims to broaden access to climate tech investments beyond traditional large-scale investors. This move reflects Carbon Equity’s dedication to democratising private equity opportunities in the climate sector.

Van den Ende elaborated on this initiative, noting, “We see a great opportunity to serve a much larger target group with a lower entry amount. This adjustment will allow more investors, including family offices and smaller professional investors, to participate meaningfully in advancing climate technology.”

Founded in 2021, Carbon Equity has rapidly expanded its footprint in the climate tech investment landscape. With a cumulative €250 million raised from 900 investors, the firm has already made significant strides in funding over 120 companies focused on sustainable innovations such as carbon-free cement and green hydrogen.

The success of its latest fund underscores a growing trend among investors seeking diversified portfolios that incorporate impactful climate solutions. Van den Ende noted, “Investors are increasingly moving towards alternative allocations that offer both impact and risk-adjusted returns, with climate technology emerging as a compelling segment.”

Looking ahead, Carbon Equity aims to raise a total of €125 million for its third climate tech fund, targeting investments in 150 high-potential companies across Europe and the US. The firm remains committed to leveraging private capital to tackle pressing global challenges, including climate change, through strategic investments in transformative technologies.

In conclusion, Carbon Equity’s latest fundraising achievement not only underscores its growing influence in the climate tech investment sphere but also reaffirms its commitment to catalysing positive environmental change through innovative financial solutions.


The newly raised capital is poised to make a substantial impact on the climate tech sector, emphasising innovative solutions that balance environmental stewardship with financial returns. Jacqueline van den Ende, CEO and co-founder of Carbon Equity, expressed her satisfaction with the investor trust garnered, highlighting the importance of climate technology in addressing global challenges.

“We are extremely happy and proud to have once again gained the trust of so many investors,” stated van den Ende. “They recognize that climate technology is key to developing innovative solutions that both protect the planet and are profitable.”

Souce: Impact Investor

Featured Image: Credit: Carbon Equity